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When making the decision to hire a home care specialist, it is important to know some basic principles and practices of home care. The following questions should provide you with a conversation to help you get a feel for a specialist. Use your best judgment, and take your time when looking for a home care specialist.

1) Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance clients?

Yes we do accept Long Term Insurance. We handle the paperwork involved so you don’t have to. Our caregivers carefully fill out an activity of daily living documents (ADL sheets) generated by our office for each individual client. We also take care of faxing or mailing the ADL sheets with the invoice to your specific insurance company.

2) What type of screening is done before you hire a caregiver?

At Always There Home Care, Inc. our hiring process is lengthy, but every step is necessary in order to assure we employ only quality, experienced and compassionate caregivers. The new Law went into effect July 2016 requiring all caregivers to be registered with the State of California before working out in the field.
The first step in hiring is a telephone interview, in which candidates are screened regarding experience, availability and transportation. If we feel they meet our basic standards, an office interview is scheduled during which they meet personally with Management Team members. Next, all references are contacted, work history is verified, clean TB tests are presented and DMV record checks are reviewed. Caregivers who will be driving clients in their personal cars, we verify that their Auto Insurance has this coverage.

3) Do I give the caregiver money to go buy my groceries or pick up my medications, etc?

Upon start of service, we will sit with the Client family to determine the easiest and most secure way in which to handle money for errands, shopping, medications, entertainment, etc. Money is closely monitored and receipts carefully kept to ensure accurate accounting. We know that each Client is unique as are their financial situations so coordinate each case individually.

4) What is a Plan of Care?

A complimentary assessment is usually done during the initial interview with the Client and a member of our Management Team. During the assessment, we determine what services we can provide to best fit the Client’s needs. A personalized Plan of Care is then tailored to your specific needs and will be closely reviewed, followed and maintained by all caregivers on the case. Your Plan of Care is frequently reviewed by Management and is adjusted accordingly. Each caregiver is personally “introduced” to their Client by a Management Team Member to ensure the Plan of Care is thoroughly understood and that our Client’s needs are effectively met.

5) How long has this company been in business and what makes you different from other companies?

We’ve successfully served the community of San Diego since opening our doors in 1996. As nurses, we understand the importance of giving dependable, quality care and the need to be proactive in addressing our Clients’ changing circumstances. Privately owned and operated, Always There Home Care, Inc. is a company that cares deeply about both our clients and our caregivers. We take a hands-on approach and closely supervise our caregivers out in the field. We’ve worked hard to develop the solid reputation we enjoy throughout the health care community and involve ourselves in a multitude of ways. We believe in giving back to our community and do so whenever possible. We may not be the LARGEST home care agency in town, but we’re proud to be one of the BEST!