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Here are testimonials from our valued clients.

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  1. Michelle

    The time came when my mom and stepfather needed more help than we could provide, just as this may be happening with your relatives or close friends. We knew we wanted the best and compassionate care and specializing in geriatrics. We searched and met with Terri and Dolores at Always There Home Care, Inc.; from the minute my mom met them we knew these were the care givers and nurses that would care for our family just as it was their own. For over 7 years we were fortunate to have the team of Always There Home Care, Inc. helping our family, overseeing medical and personal needs, answering our questions, such as “what is next?” Their team improved and ensured a wonderful quality of life for my mother and step-father, a gift one cannot repay.

    We highly recommend Always There Home Care, Inc. as we know any family will benefit and receive peace of mind just as we did.

    • Country or State: Oceanside, CA
  2. Richard C.

    Beginning in 2006 I was faced with the need to add live in help for my mother who was experiencing Alzheimer’s. Since I reside out of state I was very concerned about having in home assistance where I was not available to continuously monitor my mother’s care givers. I spent a week in California interviewing home care organizations before selecting Always There Home Care, Inc.

    While many organizations were larger and had very flashy brochures, it became clear to me that Terri and her staff had real empathy of my mother’s situation and I was convinced that they would provide highly professional care, but also would actually care (equally importantly).

    We started with 4 hours a day and over time expanded to 24 hour in-home care. These transitions were handled with sensitivity to my mother’s wishes and concerns and most importantly to her sometimes unrecognized needs. As my mother’s illness became more pronounced the skill and care were a great comfort to her and to me.

    Another concern in having in-home care is the honesty and integrity of the management and staff. There are so many horror stories about theft and monetary improprieties. I can say with certainty that all the staff I dealt with at Always There Home Care, Inc. were of the highest integrity and honesty. One example would be: my mother had a very expensive diamond ring which she had worn for many years. As her health declined she lost weight and the ring fell off. Terri kept the ring in her safe until the next time I visited my mother and then returned it to me. This was just one of many examples where the staff could have taken advantage of the situation and of course, did not.

    I can unequivocally recommend this organization, and most particularly Terri who, having gone through these situations, provided me with great comfort. Her advice regarding the selection of a variety of doctors and other healthcare professionals was invaluable.

    If you want to call and discuss any of these issues please do so. I hope that my willingness to provide real time recommendation will convince you that this letter is heartfelt.

    • Country or State: Durango, CO
  3. Diane P.

    A few years ago it became apparent that my mother was no longer able to take care of herself in her home. At the same time, I knew that she would be happiest if she could stay in her home rather than move to a facility. She and I interviewed a few different care agencies, and decided to use Always There Homecare, Inc. based on the good feelings we got from their representative, Terri Mario.

    Always There Home Care, Inc. has made it possible for my mother to live comfortably in familiar surroundings. They have worked hard to find the right caretakers for my mother, and they do their best to keep a consistent schedule so that the same person is there on a regular basis. We have good communication by phone and by email, and all details get taken care of in a timely manner, from ordering and organizing my mother’s medications, getting her to doctor appointments and keeping her home stocked with groceries and supplies.

    I have appreciated the patience and caring from the Always There Home Care, Inc. staff, both in the office and on site. My mother suffers from dementia and diabetes, and the staff does a great job in managing these challenges. I feel fortunate to have a good company to depend on when I cannot be there to take care of my mother personally. For her, being in her own home is the best possible option, and Always There Home Care, Inc. makes that possible.

    • Country or State: Carson City, Nevada
  4. Steve and Sue

    Always There Home Care, Inc. has made an enjoyable daily life routine for Vivian in her very Senior Years. When we first contacted Always There we had a lot of trouble with Vivian (wandering and abusive) as she was starting into her next phase of Alzheimers Disease. Always There staff worked with Vivian and the Doctors to make sure she was as comfortable as possible and also to make sure she would be able to remain in her home as this was Vivian’s wishes.

    Always There provides the utmost attention for professional health care and personal attention for Vivian everyday.

    Vivian has been a client for approx. 10 years now. We are delighted Vivian is doing well at almost 94, thanks to Always There Home Care, Inc.

    • Country or State: Princeville, Hawaii
  5. Charlotte

    I would like you to know that Sally is very happy with her caretaker and so are we. She engages Sally in a positive way and has gained her trust. She is also a good worker, who does her job well.

    We have appreciated how Always There Home Care, Inc. has worked with us so that Sally has been able to remain in her home.

    Our thanks to both of you.

    • Country or State: Laguna Niguel, CA

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